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Master of Science (MSc) Digital Marketing


Prepare for a successful career which allows you to combine creativity, analytical skills, and technology to reach and engage with a global audience.

Year of entry Location Study mode Duration Course code Start date
2024-2025 Stellum International Campus – Paris Part-time 2 years part-time RENT004CL September 2024

Year of entry:

Stellum International Campus – Paris

Study mode:

2 years part-time

Course code:

Start date:
September 2024

What our staff say

Ā Digital lies the heart of all companies that aim to stay relevant and competitive on today’s industry landscape, therefore all marketing is digital marketing. The most effective way to interact and engage today’s hyper-connected consumer is through experience that includes a dominantly digital aspect.Ā 

Sarah De Castro, Chief Marketing Officer

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Stellum International is the only business school in Europe that allows students a free education, and a British degree without fees.