Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Admission and Application

Q: How do I apply to Stellum International as an international student?

A: You can apply online through our application portal. Ensure you have all required documents, such as transcripts, proof of English proficiency, and a statement of purpose. Detailed instructions are available on our admissions page.

Q: What are the application deadlines for international students?

A: Application for fall semester applications are due by April 1st.

Q: Do I need to take an English proficiency test?

A: Yes, international students must demonstrate English proficiency through standardised tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge English. The minimum score requirements for each test are detailed on the admissions requirements page. Students from countries where English is the first language can alternatively provide proof of English proficiency from their university. This can include a letter or certificate confirming that their previous education was conducted in English.

Visa and Immigration

Q: What type of visa do I need to study in France?

A: You will need a long-stay student visa (VLS-TS). This visa allows you to stay in France for the duration of your studies and also permits part-time work.

Q: How do I apply for a student visa?

A: After receiving your acceptance letter, you must apply for a student visa through Campus France and the French consulate in your country. Detailed steps are provided in the Visa Information section on our website.

Q: What documents are required for the visa application?

A: Commonly required documents include your acceptance letter, proof of financial resources, proof of accommodation, a valid passport, and a completed visa application form. Refer to the Visa Information page for a comprehensive list.

Financial Information

Q: What are the tuition fees for international students?

A: Tuition fees vary by program. Please refer to the Tuition and Fees page for detailed information on the cost of each program.

Q: Are there scholarships available for international students?

A: No, Currently, there are no scholarships available. However, once enrolled, students have the opportunity to apply for apprenticeships. For more information, please visit our Apprenticeship for International Students

Q: Can I work while studying in France?

A: Yes, international students can work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and full-time during holidays, as allowed by the VLS-TS visa.

Accommodation and Living

Q: What are the accommodation options for international students?

A:  We do not offer on-campus accommodation. However, students can find assistance and options on our Accommodation page. This page provides resources and guidance to help you secure suitable housing during your studies.

Q: How much should I budget for living expenses in France?

A: Living expenses vary depending on lifestyle and location. On average, students should budget between €600 and €1,200 per month for housing, food, transportation, and personal expenses.

Academic Information

Q: What is the language of instruction at Stellum International?

A: All programs are taught in English.

Q: Can I take French language courses while studying?

A: Yes, Stellum International offers French language courses for international students. These courses are designed to help you improve your language skills and integrate better into the local culture.

Q: What support services are available for international students?

A: We provide various support services, including academic advising, career services, counseling, and language support. Visit the Student Services page for more information.

Excellence made accessible

Stellum International is the only business school in Europe that allows students a free education, and a British degree without fees.