During my course, I came across a system of education that corresponded perfectly to my needs. I could see myself getting better at English and today I am a fluent English speaker. This opened the door to many opportunities as speaking English has become essential for a lot of companies and also to enhance international relations. Thanks to my course, I am currently enrolled in a great school of communication and at the same time, I am working at the French Federation of Dance as an Assistant of Communication. I would hereby like to thank my professors and the director of our course who gave me the opportunity to improve my skills and become fluent.

CLAIRE , Carcado Saisseval Chef de Projet BA Global Marketing

This year, Coventry University gave me an opportunity to manage a new way of learning. Indeed, I discovered a new approach of Business and Management, through the concept of globalization. Moreover, this degree allowed me to realize the necessity of handling situations with the differences in cultures in every market and the importance of adaptation for companies in a constantly changing world.
Finally, this experience was very profitable in term of personal development because it permitted me to analyse my strengths and my weaknesses. Moreover, I worked in a professional environment that allowed me to gain experiences and improve my skills.
After having graduated from the Bachelor degree in Coventry University, I decided to take a year in order to prepare my applications for Master programs in Business Schools. Moreover, I worked in a professional environment which allowed me to gain experiences and improve my skills.

GARY, Passy Saint-Honoré CEO and Co-founder of Barry’s BA Global Business

After a two-year degree in Marketing and Sales at Paris Descartes University (DUT), I had the amazing opportunity to be integrated in the top-up Bachelor Honours program of Coventry University on their Parisian campus.
This learning experience allowed me to develop skills and knowledge in an international context. Thanks to the pedagogy of the teaching faculty. I learned how to work and deal with a team on interesting subjects such as global marketing, global business, strategy and cost accounting…
One of the advantages of this program is that the courses are taught on a 3 days per week basis. That gave me the opportunity to prepare my applications for a Master in Management program at EDHEC business school.
Thanks to this year at Coventry, I obtained an international degree and I am now competitive on the global job market.

VICTOR , IUT Descartes Customer Success Manager BA Global Business

The bachelor program was a great experience; I learned to be more autonomous and developed my professional vision through case studies. I improved my communication skills thanks to oral evaluation. This program was a great experience for me and got me everything I needed to enter the work market. I learnt to be more autonomous. I improved my English and now the International Market was also open to me.
In addition to that, I was able to work on my communication skills, thanks to all the oral evaluation classes that were provided to us. I also broadened my professional vision through case studies. Overall, it was a good decision to get into this program, as it improved me as a professional.

EMMANUELLA, En alternance MSc International Project Management BA Global Marketing