Stellum International
In collaboration with Coventry University

An acclaimed business school in the heart of Paris, Stellum International allows students to earn internationally-recognised university degrees at both the Bachelor and Master’s level.

Study in the heart of Paris

Situated in a quiet corner of the famous Latin student quarter.
Facing the Jardin du Luxembourg, our campus holds a proud place in the Parisian educational tradition. Recently remodelled classrooms and recreational areas house a seamless student experience, in the secure and airy Albert de Mun buildings, situated right beside the Jardin de Luxembourg.

Modern education designed for the individual (not the masses)

From flipped classroom models to hand-on workshop days and company projects, our educational designers and teaching staff are constantly reinventing the best and most modern ways to convey knowledge. Our smaller classes and educational coaches ensure students are learning the most relevant material in the most optimal mannier. This under the Coventry stamp of approval.

Live in France, study the UK way. Are you in?

We foster a truly international environment that includes academic and professional staff from all around the world. Courses taught 100% in English help improve confidence and allow students to aim for international careers. Stellum International students benefit from an established alumni network and company partners, around the globe.

Excellence made accessible

Stellum International is the only business school in Europe that allows students a free education, and a British degree without fees.