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Master of Science (MSc) Digital Marketing

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AnnĂ©e Localisation Mode d’Ă©tude DurĂ©e Code du cours DĂ©bute
2023-2024 Stellum International Paris Temps partiel Temps partiel – 2 ans RENT004CL Septembre 2023

Année :

Localisation :
Stellum International Paris

Mode d’Ă©tude :
Temps Partiel

Durée :
Temps partiel – 2 ans

Code du cours :

DĂ©bute :
Septembre 2023

What our students say

I found welcoming tutors here, who have prior experience of working in actual businesses. They helped me forget my nervousness – I have never felt so comfortable in a class.


Excellence made accessible

Stellum International is the only business school in Europe that allows students a free education, and a British degree without fees.