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Salomé Danière

Salomé Danière

Can you tell us a little about yourself in general, your passions, interests and hobbies?

“I am a 26 years old apprentice-sailor, living on a 32 feet sailboat with my partner, who’s a naval architect. I am also a singer in Silk Vocal, a choir from Rennes doing pop-rock only. I also have a strong interest in ecology and especially in sea plastic reduction solutions.”

Can you tell us a little about your family history, where you or your parents come from?

“I was born near Paris but I have lived all my life in Brittany, near Rennes with my two brothers, one 3 years older, one 8 years younger, he just finished high school, time flies! My father, an engineer, comes from Bourgogne and my mother, a teacher, comes from the Paris area, where they met.”

How did you hear about Coventry Albert de Mun and why did you want to study there?

“I heard about Coventry Albert de Mun from Coventry Rennes at Lycée De La Salle. I was very happy with the Bachelor course there so it was natural to me to continue with Coventry for my Masters. Also the topic of study picked my interest, I did not have to think twice about it!”

What was your course of Study, what kind of degree did you get?

“I followed the MSc International Project Management, I was proud to be able to obtain a first class degree.”

What were some of the subjects, courses and projects you liked best and why?

“I think that all the modules were useful and coherent to the course but of course I did have favourites. As a personal preference, all the group projects I liked best because I love the collaborative part of them and they usually end with a presentation, which I like more than reports! My favourite had to be the project simulation. It really put us through the ups and down of projects, how to manage the individual skills of a team, decision-making process and a very much needed strong communication within the group to make it work. Special mention to the research and dissertation subject, both in method class and research tutoring. This subject and project was very educational in a lot of ways, such as time management, independent work, networking, writing skills, as well as the satisfaction of submitting six months of blood, sweat and tears for a project!”

Can you tell us a little about the atmosphere at Coventry AdM both in and outside the classroom?

“I unfortunately can not say much about the outside atmosphere of the classroom as I followed the course fully online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the atmosphere in class, even though online, made up for it. There was not a moment where I did not feel like the tutors, or classmates, would not be present to answer any questions or talk of concerns about classes or other topics. I truly felt surrounded by a positive and open team.”

What would be the most important hard and soft skills you learnt at Coventry AdM?

“During my time at Coventry AdM I have learned what it means to follow a project, with a team, in a business setting with high exigence. It means that I had to always do my best to meet everyone’s (and mine) expectations of the quality of the work.”

What are you doing now? What does the future hold?

“I am just starting an internship at Meta Yacht, a historic boatyard that made legendary boats such as B. Moitessier’s Joshua. I will be doing CRM and communications there while working on the refit of my own sailboat-home. Once all of that is done, if everything goes well, it’s open sea, literally.”

What piece of advice would you give a student considering going to Coventry AdM ?

“This is advice for any student in any field: keep your interest up and the rest will be a lot easier. It doesn’t mean that you need to be passionate about it every day, 100% of the time. But read about your subjects, engage in conversations with your tutor and/or classmates, watch videos, anything. This will not only keep you engaged in the subjects but will also increase your knowledge and competence.”

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